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Dentist in BostonWhen you go to the dentist in Boston, and you have a cavity, they may actually have to remove a large portion of your tooth. This is typically done, especially with molars, on the inside of the tooth itself. This is where most of the particulate matter may end up, leading to the possibility of developing a cavity. Once this material is removed, your Boston dentist will have to fill the void using what is called a dental filling. Here is an overview of what dental fillings are made of, and why they are used, giving you a better idea of what type of material you should choose.

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One mark of a great dentist is thorough work. When it comes to fillings, once the cavity has been removed, a dental filling will be prepared. In the past, mercury was used, but it was found to be toxic to the human body. Some people will choose a gold filling which will stand out on a white tooth, a material that many people prefer. However, if you want it to match your existing tooth in color, getting a porcelain filling is always the best choice. Another way to get your teeth color to match is using veneers. As far as cost-effectiveness is concerned, your dentist may prepare what is called a composite resin that is made of a material that is very similar to the color of your teeth. If you decide to get zinc, tin, copper, or silver, these are amalgams that will be used instead.

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Just a few decades ago, you were basically at the mercy of the dental practices in the Boston area that provided you with help for your teeth. You didn’t know what other dentists were charging, or if there was a better dentist that did exceptional work that you should use instead. Today, the Internet provides us with the ability to compare different dental practices, and choose one that is best for us. This is the easiest way to find an exceptional dentist that will do dental fillings, and will do so for the least amount of money.

Sedation Dentistry In Boston

One of the most difficult things for your children to endure is going to the dentist. If you have young children, under the age of 11, it may be very difficult for them to sit in the chair. The moment that they see the needle coming towards their mouth, they are going to instantly panic. This is something that most adults do, prompting them to close their eyes, and wait for the pain. Even though the dentist will numb the area where the needle will be inserted, it is still a very difficult thing for a child to go through while they are awake. One of the best dentist that you can use for kids is a sedation dentist. Let’s look at what sedation dentistry actually is and how your kids can benefit from this particular field of dentistry.

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A sedation dentist is a Boston dentist that specializes in making sure that people are as comfortable as possible when they have dental work done. Some of them will keep you awake and simply use laughing gas, oral sedatives, or may completely put you out. If you are unconscious, they will usually do this outpatient work at a facility outside of their office where they will have access to medical professionals and medical equipment that would otherwise not be at their office. This ensures that, while you are under, they will be able to monitor your condition so that they can do their work and maintain your safety at all times.

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Practices that offer tooth whitening can be found on the Internet, although it is always better to talk to friends that you know that also had teeth bleaching done in the past. A personal recommendation is always going to save you a lot of time, and also the apprehension of worrying whether or not the dentist you have chosen is going to provide excellent service for you and your child. If your little one cannot sit still in the chair, and doing dental work on them is almost impossible to complete, find a sedation dentist today that can help them get their dental work done.

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Cosmetic Dentistry In Boston

Cosmetic dentistry is performed to improve the appearance of a person’s teeth and in some cases the function of teeth by correcting misaligned teeth or an incorrect bite. Dentists formally trained in the specialty of cosmetic dentistry undergo two to three years of rigorous education after graduating from dental school before they are recognized by the American Dental Association and allowed to qualify for board certification. In 1976 The American Society for Dental Aesthetics was founded with the purpose of continuing the education of cosmetic dentists in the most advanced restorative and aesthetic techniques.

Whitening or Bleaching

This is one of the most common forms of cosmetic dental procedures recommended for whitening discolored teeth. Over the counter treatments are available but should only be used under the supervision of a dentist.

Sculpting and Bonding

Reshaping of teeth can be performed during a single visit and involves the removal of part of the tooth enamel to repair a chipped tooth, alter the length or re-shape a tooth to improve its appearance. It is commonly used to correct excessively long or crooked teeth. During the bonding process a dental composite, that resembles tooth enamel, is applied to the surface of the tooth, shaped, hardened and polished.


Custom made, ultra-thin porcelain laminates are bonded directly to the surface of teeth to disguise stained teeth that do not respond to whitening, or to close gaps between teeth. In some cases it may be necessary to remove teeth.

Gum Lift

In this cosmetic procedure the gum line is raised and sculpted by reshaping the underlying tissues and bones to create the appearance of longer and more symmetrical teeth.

Bite Reclamation

Bite reclamation is performed by qualified professional cosmetic dentists on teeth with excessive wear from grinding or damage due to acid reflux. By opening the bite, the vertical dimension of the face can be reclaimed giving a shorter or closed smile.

Porcelain Dental Fillings

Porcelain dental fillings have taken the place of amalgam, gold, and other metals used in the past. Now dental work can be done making use of composite materials that mimic natural tooth enamel or made entirely of porcelain, which are free of mercury. These dental fillings are considered cosmetic as they improve the appearance of teeth.

For more information visit the Dentist Wiki or The Massachusetts Dental Society.

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