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Dentist in BostonGreetings from the most family friendly Dentist in Boston. If you are in search of expert Boston dental care at an affordable price then you have come to the right practice!

It’s been said that a smile is one of the few things in life that will go away if you ignore it. Yet in spite of that, many individuals put off going to the dentist in Boston for routine dental care because they have anxiety or fear about the visit. We are one Boston dentist that knows how you are feeling. We recognize the importance of good oral health, and therefore work to do everything that we can to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

We Aim To Be The Best Boston Dentist

Our goal is to make your dental appointment pain and stress free. Whether we are cleaning or whitening your teeth, filling a cavity, applying dental veneers, or doing other dental work, at our Boston dental clinic we promise to treat you with kindness and respect. We respect your busy schedule, and will do our best to eliminate any wait. All of our staff share our vision, and promise to put our patients first.

Expert Dental Care With Boston Class

A great dental office must be run by the best people. Most of our team are originally from Massachusetts, and love the region and its people. They get the Boston way of life, including the city’s reputation for friendly, fun-loving people, and strive to make sure you have that same experience when you come to the dentist in Boston.

A Different Kind of Boston Dental Clinic

We recognize that you aren’t just another dental patient – you are our neighbor! We pledge to make our Sin City dental clinic to be as welcoming and friendly as possible. Whether you are coming in for teeth whitening, a cleaning, or more significant dental care, we will do our best to keep you well informed about the steps in your treatment plan, and listen to any questions you may have. We want to be the dentist in Boston that you look forward to visiting.

Services From Our Boston Dentists

We want to be your one-stop Boston dental health center. Our expert staff have extensive training and experience in all aspects of dentistry. Below are some of the services we provide for our patients:

Teeth Whitening Boston Style

Despite the claims by many over the counter products, in-office whitening (bleaching) is the quickest way to whiten your teeth. We utilize a special whitening product in conjunction with heat and/or laser or UV light to speed and enhance the results. Significant results can occur in a single treatment that typically lasts less than an hour. For outstanding results an additional treatment may be necessary.

Dental Fillings

When decay sets into a tooth it will eat a hole or cavity into the enamel. To repair cavity, our Boston dental professionals will eliminate the decayed section of the tooth, and then use a special composite material to fill the part of your tooth missing from they removal of the decayed material. In addition to repairing decay, fillings can also be utilized to fix broken, cracked, or worn teeth.

Here’s a great video showing how a dental filling is performed:

Root Canal Treatment

A treatment utilized to save a tooth that has become infected or that has significantly decayed is known as a root canal. A root canal procedure is done if the pulp in the tooth has been damaged, or the tooth’s nerve is infected. During the root canal procedure the dentist will go into the tooth to remove the nerve and pulp, and then clean and seal the inside of the tooth to prevent it from becoming reinfected.

This video illustrates a root canal procedure:

Dental Crown

One service we frequently provide to Boston dental patients is the application of dental crowns. A dental crown is a cap that is placed over a damaged, unsightly, or unhealthy tooth. The crown completely covers the tooth, and will restore a tooth’s size, shape, strength, and visual appearance. A crown, after it has been cemented into position, completely encases all of the visible part of a tooth at and above the gum-line.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental Veneers are thin, hand-crafted whitish-colored shells that look very much like your other healthy teeth. They are attached to the front surface of your teeth in order to their aesthetic appearance. The veneers are affixed to the visible side of your teeth. The veneers replace the look of unhealthy or discolored teeth, transforming them into clear, white teeth that appear healthy. Veneers are great at bolstering a person’s self-esteem, and improving their self image.
For more information visit the Dentist Wiki or The Massachusetts Dental Society.

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